Name Position Group Email
Oscar Marcelo Suárez PI IRG 3
Arturo J. Hernández Co-PI IRG 2
Oscar J. Perales Co-PI IRG 1A
Madeline Torres Co-PI IRG 1B

Our Nanotechnology Center for Biomedical, Environmental, and Sustainability Applications — Phase II consists of several Interdisciplinary Research Groups and an Interdisciplinary Education Group.


Interdisciplinary Research Group 3

Investigation:Nanostructured Composites and Catalysts for Sustainability

Interdisciplinary Research Group 2

Investigation: Nanostructured Materials for Remediation of Recalcitrant and Emerging Contaminants Present in the Environment

Interdisciplinary Research Group 1

Investigation: Nanostructured Materials for Medical and Biological Applications


2018-2019 Presentations

2017-2018 Presentations

2016-2017 Presentations



By: American Chemical Society (ACS) Press Conference with Victor Fernández and Prof. Félix R. Román

By: Hildelix L. Soto, Elizabeth de la Cruz and Raúl Marrero

By: Andrés F. Calle and Christian Vázquez

By: Christian Rivera Prosper