Materials Science and Engineering Club (MSE Clubs / Clubes CIM in spanish)


Our Material Science and Engineering Club consists of eight (8) participating schools, mainly from the west side of Puerto Rico.


Middle Schools

Laura Mercado Federico Degetau Ramón E. Rodríguez Díaz SU Río Cañas Abajo

High Schools

CROEM Eladio Tirado López Dr. Pedro Perea Fajardo Segundo Ruiz Belvis


Our Outreach program provides at least two (2) visits per school each semester to demonstrate concepts related to materials science and nanotechnology. The provided material is presented through educational modules and interactive demonstrations, which content meets the established standards in science and engineering within the Puerto Rico public school system.

2019-2020 Activities

Puerto Rican Space Exploration Festival

 Saturday, September 28, 2019.


UPRM Open House

Coming Soon: Friday October 11, 2019

Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Club Annual Meeting

Coming Soon: Friday, November 15, 2019


Outreach Activities 2018-2019

Outreach Activities 2017-2018

Outreach Activities 2016-2017

Outreach Activities 2015-2016


Name Office Extension Email
Dr. Agnes Padovani Co-Director, Education Program Coordinator, S-616 6318, 5811
Ms. Sandra M. Santiago Program Officer 5811
Ms. Gina M. Montes Outreach Graduate Student  5811
Mr. Diego A. Navarro Outreach Graduate Student  5811
Mr. Abdiel J. Oquendo Outreach Graduate Student 5811